Monday, April 9, 2007


I went on a "shopping trip" to Budapest at the end of March. I must confess I didn't think we would really go, although we had the plane tickets (Wizz Air) and Diana kept sending us hotel links to check out :-)

The idea came up one day in the office. It was the end of February I think, and Diana was about to go to (or had just come back from?) Rome. We were talking about clothes, and designer's stores and shoes and stuff, and wondering what the closest shopper's paradise was - to Bucharest, of course. So Diana suggested Budapest, and Mih said she wanted to go, seriously now, she really did want to see Budapest and let's do it! Diana immediately opened a browser and found low cost plane tickets, so low cost in fact that a return plane ticket to Budapest cost less than one-way trip to most places in Romania by car/train. So we booked the tickets, Raluca announced she also wanted to go, we decided at some point that boys were to stay out of this "fashionista trip" and on March 30th, at 4:30 in the morning, we were on the Baneasa airport sipping coffee in plastic cups, all 4 of us sleepy and excited at the same time, playing with our IKEA finger-toys and waiting to get to Budapest!

The photos can speak for the rest:

1. sewer lids from the Austro-Hungarian Empire period
2. doors
3. urban furniture
4. others