Monday, October 1, 2007

Chris, the Blogger

This is an interview with yours truly about the blogging experience, published in my company's internal newsletter.

Reporter: When did you start your blog?

Chris: I started blogging back in March 2004, when there were practically no blogging platforms and my first blog was more in the form of a forum. Then I moved to Yahoo 360 and now I have a Wordpress blog. The next step will be, obviously, to get my own domain :-)

Reporter: What motivated you or how did you come to the idea of having one?

Chris: I've always kept diaries, and when Internet came into fashion it was only natural that I should use this new medium to share my thoughts. Then I discovered the beauty of live interaction with other bloggers, via comments and e-mails... this is the best part of a blog, in my opinion.

Reporter: Why should anybody visit your page?

Chris: Well, I guess my blog will help you get to know me better. For Romanian speakers I have my primary Wordpress blog: and I also have one in English, for my friends who don't speak Romanian:

Reporter: Which is your favorite blog (apart from your own, of course)?

Chris: I have lots of favorite blogs that I read frequently. I read Suzi and Ina's girlie blogs, they are lots of fun. I read the Book Lover's (although she might say otherwise) blog to find out about new books and what to read. The list is very long, I tell you. But you can browse it all on my blog, right-hand side blogroll.

Reporter: If your intention was to make some money with your blog, what would you write about?

Chris: There are various ways to make money from your blog. You can attract a lot of traffic and the make money from advertisement. However, I blog for pleasure, not traffic, and I hate commercials on web pages. So I would not think about this, but I must confess I have in mind another method to make money from my blog: writing a book. :-) And I'm now taking part in a blogging contest where I'm also going to win some stuff for my blog. You can read my article and vote for me if you like it! :p [commercial moment over ;))]