Sunday, February 18, 2007

The fatal moment - or the influence of Hollywood

Sometimes all I want to do is sip some coffee and watch an American movie "with beautiful people". The subject of the movie is irrelevant. All that matters are the characters: a beautiful girl, or an attractive couple; a friendly family of 6-12 members living in a huge house that is absolutely identical to all the other houses around, on a long street, bordered by chestnuts; a young girl with more problems than anyone could possibly take, but with a very cute and calm face... give me any of these people and I'm stuck on the sofa from the beginning till the end.

Whenever I'm tired of my "real life", of the normal people I meet every day and the routine that gets to you no matter what, I turn on the TV and look for a nice movie. The characters of the movie are, of course, supposed to be normal, everyday people. Yeah, right! Like I don't know they're actually perfect individuals that accept all the hardships the movie director sees fit to face them with, just to show us that they can beat anything with minumum effort, in about 2 hours. Always on a good hair day, always perfectly dressed and ready to cope with the hardest problems in the easiest way.

The treacherous moment is similar in all these movies and comes unexpectedly. Just as the boy is taking a difficult u-turn in the most important race of his life, and the parents are watching him with huge grins on their faces... just as everybody's at the peak of happiness, something happens. The boy's head falls on the wheel, the car leaves the racing lane, the parent's expression changes dramatically and your heart stops for a second, even though you know it's just a movie.

Well, it's all about this split second when something irreversible happens and you cannot control it. The second when you break your mom's most favorite vase; the second when your whole world comes apart and you're left to put the pieces back together. I've learned to fear this second. Even though vases can be mended, and lives too.

I still prefer the movies, where things end well all the time and at the end of the two hours there's no sign of the cracks whatsoever.


Jose said...

¿Te has levantado con el pie izquierdo hoy? Cuéntame tus penas, anda, que te escucho! :) A mí también me gusta ver películas estadounidenses, especialmente los sábados y domingos después de comer, sentado en el sofá en casa (Galicia - que sabes que aquí no tengo :), cuanto más inverosímiles mejor, que así no temo que me pueda ocurrir a mí. En cualquier caso, los estadounidenses (aunque esta afirmación genere controversia) son guapos por naturaleza: te lo digo después de ver en el abarrotado autobús G un grupo de gente guapísima y luego enterarme de que eran americanos... No podía ser de otra forma!!

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