Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I have a green frog with red eyes on my desk. It's climbing a brown ladder (or rather going down a brown ladder, now that I look better!) over an orange background. It's beautiful and I got it for my birthday. It has tons of good wishes on the back :))

Alex B.'s Yahoo Mess picture today represents an old Chinese sage wearing a blue robe. He's standing in the snow and I like to imagine he's Lee, the old Chinese cook from Steinbeck's East of Eden, waiting for Caleb to come home, or maybe looking after Samuel, who has just gone home in his old wagon. Alex says he's not a Chinese cook, but a Japanese Samurai and he's well used to the snow so I shouldn't worry about him being cold. But I think he's Lee, thinking about the correct translation of the word timshel, that gave so much trouble to a number of old Chinese sages.

Now to the subject of this post, I first saw a bottle of Balance in Germany a couple of weeks ago. It's basically water with a fruity flavor and comes in all sorts of crazy combinations: apples, peaches, pineapple, cactus and aloe vera, oranges and rose petals; absolute madness with just 5 calories! :)) The first time I bought a bottle of Balance I was just thirsty and I had a sore throat. It was cold, so it took me some two days to drink the whole bottle (750 ml).

I don't remember what flavor I bought the first time, but the second time I bought the fruity water, I was in a supermarket called Netto and they had a special offer, so I bought a whole six-pack... for the road, since we were leaving for Bucharest the following day. The flavor was: pineapple-grapefruit-aloe vera. Times 6.

I finished it up all by myself, as my family refused to taste it. My brother said I might as well drink water from a dirty bottle of Fanta; it would taste the same!
I recently found out we have Balance in Romania! It's sold in the G'Market stores and OMV gas stations, costs well over a euro and I just bought two bottles!
... when I quit smoking I thought I was free of any possible addiction. Apparently I was wrong.


Jose said...

Tú ereh mi heroína y Iulius eh mi héroe! Pues sí, pa' comprar agua con aromas de fruta, mejor cógela del grifo, pásala por una botella de Fanta y métela en la nevera (bien cerradita para que no coja olores de pescados o carne).

Y una pregunta estúpida (al estilo Jose), se puede comprar el agua en euros en Rumanía?

Jose said...

Y una cosilla más: no he comentado nada sobre los chinos porque ese tema ha sobrepasado mi capacidad de comprensión. Tú es que eres demasiado "cultured" para mí.

Smilla said...

jajaja, tienes que leer East of Eden entonces - muy buen libro, te lo recomiendo!

en cuanto al agua, no, no se puede comprar en euros. se compra en lei y cuesta 5 lei nuevos, o sea 50 000 de los antiguos, o sea un euro y 30 o algo asi :D

Suzi said...

thankgod i can post comments here!:)

Smilla's blog in English said...

Suzi! Please do :)

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