Wednesday, March 7, 2007

RoBlogFest - 18th Place!

And so RoBlogFest 2007 came and went, and there was a biiiiig afterparty with lots and lots of bloggers (when I realized you had to put your name on a list on the website in order to attend the party, there were already 400 & sth people and a maximum of 300 places so I gave up (Suzi couldn't come, anyway :p)). And the contest winners were announced at the party, some of them controversial (in an Eurovision-kind-of-controversy), others well-deserving... but this is less important, since all the top winners are well-known Romanian bloggers and I'm sure it was their internet fame that brought them the votes.

But you must be wondering what WE did, that is to say my blog and I ;))

Well, surprisingly, we ended up on the 18th position in the "Best blogs" category and we're very proud to be in the Top 20, from a total of 215 blogs listed for this category.

As regards the other two categories, Disentangling the Web (Romanian version) came out 23rd in the "Best personal blog" category and 21st in the "Best post" section.

And I'm happy, and I thank all those who gave me my 11 votes :-)




Jose said...

Thank you very much indeed por la parte que me toca!! :P


Yo habría quedado en el top 10 empezando por el final :P, aunque debo reconocer que el otro día me escribió un comentario un desconocido/a :P ¡¡Más contento!!

Descorazonadamente tuyo,

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